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Hood River Kiteboard Lessons

Gorge Kiteboarding School

The 2011 Kiteboard Season, April 15th - November 1st

Advanced Series
This series is designed to teach you how to handle a wider range of wind conditions and work on jumping and riding swells. These lessons can be combined and are often used as the basis of a 5-day program. I will kiteboard with you to teach and demonstrate on the water.

Generating More Power
Learn to get out of the water with less wind. Increase your speed and airtime on those light wind days. Learn how to get home on that last breath of wind. This lesson will help you have a good day when others are bumming out (or swimming in) because of light wind.

Controlled Jumps
Learn to go up and come back down in control. You will learn to send the kite through a specific pattern to generate a predictable amount of power for a clean jump and a soft, controlled landing. I will cover the theory and the realities of jumping and teach you to have fun in the sky.

Working with Big Swells
The swell of the Columbia can be epic, and learning to play in them is a lot of fun. You will learn to use them as giant ramps leading to the sky and steep faces to ride down.

Kiteboarding in Radical Winds
This lesson is focused on dealing safely with bigger winds. You will learn to cut through the big gusts and stay under control in nasty conditions. Even if you donít plan on kiteboarding in big gusts, this lesson can prepare you for the unexpected and reduce the chance of injury in sudden gusts.

Downwinder Service is offered for advanced kiteboarders who would like to kiteboard with a local pro. We will kiteboard from the best launches in the Columbia Gorge and cruise 7 to 15 miles of the river. We can escape the crowds and enjoy some of the best kiteboarding in the world.